Road Trip


October 1, 2020

Anyone up for a Road Trip?  Savannah is!  She loves taking road trips with her friends where they can turn up the music, laugh,  and make memories together!

Her senior portrait session took on a fun industrial vibe as we traversed the alleys behind Gainesville Square. But even the dingy setting couldn’t dampen Savannah’s intrinsic enthusiasm.

“The party never ends”

Savannah’s positive personality keeps her living Juice WRLD’s quote, “The party never ends.”  Her friends and family know that she is always looking for fun in life even when it comes to laughing at herself.  Friends find her sometimes lack of grace (clumsiness) entertaining.  But, Savannah just laughs along with them because she doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Instead, her heart is to spread her positivity to those around her to make them happy.

Future Plans

Savannah’s senior year bucket list consists of: 1. Attend every game possible to support her friends  2. Take a road trip with her friends while they are still together

After high school, Savannah wants to attend UGA and major in business.  While there she wants to keep her future options open.  Through her classes and experiences, she is determined to find a career to pursue after college.  

Dear Savannah,

I had so much fun doing your senior shoot.  Thank you for challenging me to find places with an industrial feel.  Some might question the choice of using alleys behind Gainesville Square, instead of the beautiful square itself as a location for our shoot.  The industrial look inspired my creativity.  I enjoyed creating images that contrasted your beauty with the rough surroundings. 

I love your fun personality, and your heart’s desire to make other people happy.   You are a “look for the pony” type of person.  You know the type.  When they look in a barn and see a bunch of horse poop, they say “There must be a pony in here somewhere!” 

Having a positive outlook on life is possibly the most important trait you can have.  It will help you overcome challenges and push forward to the amazing future you deserve.  Keep seeing the party all around you!

Have a Coke and a Smile
Beauty in Chaos
Let’s go Flowery Branch!
Steel Magnolia

photography by Cheri Michelle Photography

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