Maddux- A Senior with an Eye on Greatness

Senior Photography

September 17, 2020

Oh how the turntables,”  humorous wisdom from Michael Scott and The Office. Maddux’ favorite quote brings a grin to my face. His fun, outgoing personality was a hit at his senior photography session. MadMad was all smiles as he shared his favorite place, the golf course, and his childhood hometown and elementary school with me.


Maddux has a lot to be excited about his senior year.  Set to graduate spring 2021, he looks forward to the future. His plans are to attend college. After that, he has his sights set on the NFL.  

While every little boy growing up playing football dreams of the NFL, some have a better shot than others.  Maddux may have a real chance. One of his favorite things to do is kick field goals.  Stop by a Friday night game at Flowery Branch High School, and you will see him out on the field doing what he loves.  In fact, he is so good at it, he placed 3rd in field goals out of the top 40 kickers in the nation.  Let me repeat, 3rd in the Nation!  Yes, Maddux’s dreams of the NFL are definitely in the realm of reality.  


Driven to be great, Maddux’s favorite book is Relentless: from Good to Great to Unstoppable  by Tim Grover who trained greats like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.   For many, the biggest dream killer is a lack of motivation and confidence to make them a reality.  Maddux not only continues to work on mastering his craft of kicking field goals, but he is also working on the most difficult part of the equation, his mind.  I look forward to seeing how unstoppable he truly becomes as his talents grow in college and beyond.

Not only is Maddux driven, but he is also humble and funny.  Thus his favorite quote “Oh how the turntables.”  I met him in the 7th grade when he walked into my first period Gifted & Advanced Language Arts class.  He was  a great kid, smart and very respectful back then.  He knew how to joke and have fun, but also how to work when it was time.  Seeing him now as a senior, he still has that same remarkable personality.  

Fun Facts

Fun facts about Maddux- He LOVES SHOES!!! His favorite place is the golf course, and he would like to letter in a new sport this year.  His parents have many nicknames for him such as Mad, Maddog, MadMad, Dramaddux, The Mad Scientist, Mathmaddux, Madmessi, stitch, and Madducks    

Dear Maddux,

Thank you so much for allowing me do your senior photography session.  I enjoyed every minute, from the golf course at Chateau Elan, to visiting your elementary school in Braselton.  Your drive to be great, and your determination to put in the work that is needed to get there inspires me.  I can’t wait to see what you do. 

Even though I don’t typically watch college football, or the NFL, except for maybe the playoffs, I guarantee you that I will watch when you are playing.  I look forward to screaming for you from my sofa and holding football parties where I can say, “I taught him, AND I did his Senior Portrait Shoot!”  Seriously, I think you are amazing, and am so excited for you! 

Teeing up at Chateau Elan
Holding up the wall

images by Cheri Michelle Photography

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