Garrett’s Senior Session at Cherokee Bluff HS

Senior Photography

October 8, 2020

GEE, not gee, but GEE with the “g” pronounced like it is in the word golf, get, or gather.  GEE! Garrett showed up with his two man entourage, Eric and Eli for his senior portrait session.

The three walked onto the football field donning their home field jerseys, purple Nikes, and jeans.  Purple Nikes!  What?  Wait, I’ll get to that, but first the jeans.  Their walk was a little stiff, like they would prefer anything but jeans.  You could tell that jeans were not their first or last choice for this day, but instead probably a mom’s choice instead.  

Purple Nikes

OK.  Back to the Purple Nikes!  If you are a Cherokee Bluff HS student or fan, you don’t even bat an eye at Purple Nikes.  But if you’re not, then you wonder what’s up?  Cherokee Bluff HS is the home of the Bears and its colors are purple and silver.  Now, Purple Nikes makes sense. Just sporting the school colors.


Back to GEE.  Garrett, Eric, and Eli have been friends since forever, 3rd grade.  I should know.  I taught them way back in the 7th grade.  Now seniors on a winning football team, the three look down on my 5’ 1” stature in amusement.   Well, ok, they looked down on me in the 7th grade too, but they are much bigger and broader now.  The trio are just as much fun as they ever were back then.  In fact, when I asked them to pose with a menacing look on their faces like the big mean football players they are, they just broke up into laughter.  I had to tell them to think about the team they most want to beat (I won’t mention the name) to get that tough look out of them.  

While the photo shoot was Garrett’s senior portrait session, his two best friends joined in for support.  The trio almost broke up several years ago when their initial high school split to form Cherokee Bluff.  Then Freshmen, they had to make a choice whether to stay at their original high school or take the chance on the new one.  It was Eli who convinced the other two to join him on the adventure of starting a new school and a new football team.   Although the football stats for the first two years of the school were less than stellar, the gamble has paid off.  Now, in their senior year, the team is 4-0, and GEE couldn’t be happier with their decision.  

Future Plans

While he loves to joke around with his bros, Garrett isn’t just a football player. He is also a very strong student who takes his future seriously.  He hopes to attend the University South Carolina in the fall.  He has aspirations of becoming a Physician’s Assistant.  

Dear Garrett,

I had so much fun doing your senior portrait session.  You are so respectful with all the yes, mams. You have grown into such a strong and intelligent young man.  BTW, I mean strong as in character, although you have also become a formidable football player, as well.  It meant the world to me to be trusted with your senior shoot. 

Thank you for including Eric and ELi.  I haven’t seen you guys since you were in my 7th grade Language Arts class.  It was wonderful to get to catch up with the three of you and see how great y’all have turned out.   

I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.  I know you will make a wonderful PA.  It takes a lot of school, but you are up for the challenge of it. And besides, you can write an argumentative essay.  Sorry, former Language Arts teacher popped out.  

I leave you with this quote from Michael Jordan, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” 

Garrett, I can’t wait to see you Make It Happen! 

football player portrait on 50 yard line
50 Yard Lawn Purple Paw
senior football players in home stands
senior football players and painted parking spaces
GEE Parking Spaces- Side by Side (of course)
senior football players in jerseys on football field
Go Bears!
senior male football player with football
Big Smile
senior male football player at stadium
What comes natural
senior male football players posing on football field
Since 3rd Grade
senior boys in football jerseys and holding helmets in stands
Purple Power
senior male football players walking off field holding helmets

Images by Cheri Michelle Photography

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