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I know how awkward it can be in front of a camera, so my priority is making you feel at ease in order to capture amazing pictures you will love!   

If you want a relaxed, fun atmosphere to let your best self shine, then I’m the photographer for you!  

I specialize in Wedding Photography for the Lighthearted & In Love!  If that's you, let's talk!

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 I believe in personalized sessions that you will love!  We will collaborate to choose the location that best reflects you and your vibe whether it be mountains, water, industrial, or urban.  Starting with the location as our foundation gives you home field advantage!

Couples booking a wedding will receive a complimentary engagement session!  This is so important because it allows us to get to know each other.  I get to understand your special relationship and you get to know me, so you can be confident on your big day!  You will already be a pro in front of my camera by the time you put on your wedding dress and tux!

Calling all those who are adventurous and fun loving with an appreciation for bright and airy photography.

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I am creative and love showing my artistry through photography.  Portraits that are light and bright and filled with emotion are my favorite. 

I am so passionate about creating beautiful images that I am always thinking whether at the beach, in the mountains, or walking through town,
"Wow!  I'd love to do a shoot here!" 

Although many believe my name is pronounced sherry like the wine, that's not what my parents had in mind.  It's pronounced like the French cheri in "mon cheri" which means my dear or darling.  Sooooo, I guess you can call me Darling.  JK! 

I'm Cheri Michelle

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