Senior Photography

June 18, 2020

Friends’ Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, and Ross have nothing on these Friends!  Carragan, Hannah, Mackenzie, Mia, and Sarah embody the lyrics “I’ll be there for you” as they celebrate each others’ successes and prepare to head off for college.

These ladies met in elementary school where their friendship had some rocky times. Looking back, they recall that at the “wise age of 13”, they decided to make a contract with each other.  Soon the girls would be attending four rival high schools, but they didn’t want to lose their friendship. The ceremony included a bowl of water in which they dipped their hands as they vowed to one another.  The contract included things like no crop tops, no taking selfies, and noooooo obsessing over boys.  Water, it seems, can be thicker than blood because although they have broken many of the rules, their friendship still remains solid. 

These amazing young women have completed their senior year amid COVID-19.  They lost their senior proms, and attended unconventional graduation ceremonies. Much like a drive in movie, their graduations were drive through celebrations. Even still, they have remained positive and are ready to take on the world.  Once again, they will be going to different schools in the fall, but there is no fear of the friendship they formed in elementary school fading.

Mackenzie, Furman University, Undecided

Sarah, Georgia College, Middle School Education

Carragan, Augusta University, Nursing

Mia, University of Georgia, Physical Therapy

Hannah, University of Arkansas, Animal Science

One of my favorite quotes is “Well behaved women seldom make history.” I encourage you to make history! It was so inspiring to photograph your Senior Friends session.  Your excitement for life and positivity is contagious. You are vibrant young women with brilliant futures ahead of you.  Your enduring friendship is a testament to your spiritual beliefs, loyalty, and honesty.  I agree with you when you wrote, “Our kids and husbands are going to be forced to be best friends.”

To sum up this friendship, I am borrowing a post written by Carragan, “Not many can say they’ve had a group of strong, beautiful, crazy, Jesus lovin’ girls for 10 years, but I can! …Watch out world.. We are coming for ya!”

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