Avalon, Alpharetta Carragan Graduation 2020

Senior Photography

June 11, 2020

Cooper eyed the water with dread.  He wanted no part of it and wouldn’t even turn his back to it.  Even when Carragan picked him up, his fears were not lessened.  Instead, his large fluffy white paws clung desperately to her shoulders.  It didn’t matter how dressed up he was for the occasion, he feared for his life.  Thus was Cooper’s plight every time we tried to pose them in front of water fountains at Avalon in Alpharetta.  

Carragan came with her faithful companion Cooper for their senior shoot.  Cooper is a handsome silky soft Golden Doodle who is up for most anything as long as water is not involved. He even brought wardrobe changes (bow ties) to match Carragan’s outfits.  The were are so much fun together.  

I absolutely love doing senior photography shoots.  Seniors are so full of life and excited to take on the world.  From what I’ve seen of Carragan, the world needs more amazing young women just like her.  The pair will be headed to Augusta State University in the fall where Carragan will be studying nursing, and Cooper will be a therapy dog. 

The university’s motto is “Boundless Opportunity” and it calls for its students to “Be Boundless.” Carragan is a natural for this calling as she has already proven her ability to overcome limitations. The colorful array of multiple chords that adorn her neck continue to speak of her Boundless Spirt. Consequently, she is one of only twenty freshmen who were accepted into the university’s early admission nursing school program. 

Carragan, I can’t tell you how much enjoy working with you and Cooper.  The two of you are so much fun.  You have such a sweet giving spirit.  I know you have an amazing future ahead of you.  I can’t wait to see what you and Cooper do with it! You truly are Boundless!!!

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