Sell’s Mill Park Jessica & Nick


June 25, 2020

I turned around after finishing a set of pictures with Nick and Jessica sitting by the river.  Let’s rephrase that, I thought I had finished the set.  When I looked back, Nick had Jessica nuzzled against his chest with his arms wrapped around her.  They both beamed up at me with true smiles and it was obvious they were in love!  Are in love!

That moment must have reminded them of “The Moment.”  You know the one where Nick got down on one knee, or something like that, and popped the question.  It was Jessica’s 25th birthday, and they had spent the day roaming the streets and visiting the shops of Helen.  In late afternoon they took a walk leisurely walk by the slow moving Chatahoocee River. It was there that Nick stopped to ask Jessica to marry him.  As she said “Yes!” several strangers floating down the river on brightly colored donuts started cheering for them.  That is a moment they cherish because it was the perfect engagement!

Let’s back up.  It all began almost four years ago, 2016, at Georgia Southern University.  Having met through mutual friends, Nick and Jessica soon discovered they have a great connection and began dating.  Realizing they had something that will last, in 2018 the two purchased their first house together. Now they enjoy making that house a home by doing improvement DIY projects, grilling, and playing with Baby Kitty.  

Nick and Jessica, you have been so much fun to spend time with and photograph.  Your choice of Sell’s Mill Park fits the two of you and your low-key personalities perfectly. It was peaceful and beautiful.  That is my wish for your marriage, that it will always be a place of peace and beauty for you.  Both of you were so kind to each other the whole evening.  Always let that kindness serve as a bedrock for your lives together.  

Jessica and Nick’s “Big Day” is November 7th, 2020 at RLM Affairs in Gainesville.  I am so excited and humbled to be included in your special day.  I can’t wait to preserve beautiful memories from Your Day.  Until then, relax, walk by the river and enjoy life!

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