Snow Day!


February 18, 2020

Ok, snow days may not mean the same thing to you as they do to me. So, let me set the scene. I live in north Georgia. Not extreme north Georgia, but about 60 miles north of Atlanta. We do not get a lot of snow here. Usually, if we do, it immediately turns to ice. We are more prone to ice storms than true snow. In addition, that ice, or snow, doesn’t last 24 hours. If we get either one, it is maybe once a year.

Sooooo, this time it was SNOW and it was beautiful. Knowing it wouldn’t last long, I was itching to do an impromptu photo shoot. I was so desperate, I considered knocking on strangers doors, and asking, “Are you breathing? Great. Let’s do a photo shoot!”

Luckily, my daughter and her fiance showed up before I started my door to door campaign.

I love the pop of pink from her boots. They add the fun that snow days represent, especially in Georgia.

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