Wyatt’s One!


February 7, 2020

“If we could see the world through the eyes of a child, we could see magic in everything.”

Wyatt found magic in the blue and white balloons his Nonny brought to his one year old photo session. This was all done in secret several weeks before his actual birthday because the pictures were to be a surprise Christmas present for his parents.

That is how on a late afternoon in early December, Wyatt discovered, and immediately became enamored with the amazing balloons. He didn’t care what we did, or how we posed him, as long as he could have his beloved balloons or be able to see them nearby.

This cutie pie smiled and giggled as Nonny and I called his name and waved the balloons for his fascination. The only time he began to cry was when his recently learned skill of taking steps faltered, and he fell on his tush. No problem. Nonny was there to set him to rights back on his feet and the smiles lit up his face once again.

Nearing the end of the session, Nonny wanted the precious “baby bottom” picture. You know the one of the little baby from the backside in his birthday suit. This became a challenge because we also wanted him holding one of his balloons. First Nonny placed one in Wyatt’s chubby little grasp only to see it slide out of his hand and float away. Next try, Nonny tied a blue balloon around his wrist, but not too snug. Unfortunately, it wasn’t tight enough and slipped away before she could get out of the shot. After several failed attempts, we were left with a single white balloon and one last chance. Crossing our fingers, Nonny tied the last balloon to Wyatt’s wrist, and… magic happened. It stayed. I was able to capture the moment with Wyatt staring longingly up at his attached balloon, while the baby moon was out.

That final shot would become one of his parent’s favorite. The Christmas present representing Wyatt’s first birthday was a success. The gift Nonny planned for his parents was a cherished success!

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