Abbey & Blake


January 21, 2020

Abbey and Blake’s love story began almost three years ago in Milledgeville while at college. They met for the first time outside of Gringos, and the rest became history. Two and a half years later, Blake asked Abbey’s father for her hand in marriage. After receiving his blessing, Blake asked Abbey to marry him in Nashville on a mile long walking path through a million Christmas lights.

Abbey and Blake are such a sweet couple. I was so excited to photograph their engagement session. The two were up for anything. When they first arrived, I asked if they had anything specific they wanted. Abbey replied, “Your the professional. We trust you.” Wow! That is exactly what I work to help my clients feel. When they can trust me, they are able to relax and enjoy the moment while I capture it on camera.

We met at White Fallow Estates in Buford, where their wedding is to take place. What a great opportunity to do the engagement session at the wedding site. Seeing the location, not only through my lens at the moment, but on my computer while editing, has given me insight into the best places to use for the wedding images. While White Fallows was beautiful in January, it will be stunning in time for their big day in late spring.

The couple quickly relaxed and followed my cues. They even did it when I would say, “I know it feels weird, but it looks great.” They laughed and went along with it. This experience helped them see my process, so they will know what to expect on their wedding day and I was able to see their reactions giving me insight into their personalities and relationship. It was such an enjoyable shoot. I am looking forward to their big day.

The two are working hard and preparing for their wedding at the end of May. Abbey will finish her student teaching just weeks before they marry. In the meantime, they will continue to enjoy their guilty pleasure of watching reality tv together, and look forward to starting their new life.

  1. Renee westbrooks says:

    Abbey,Blake these are gorgeous!, Love you both💕

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