Ben’s Senior Portraits: CBHS Baseball Field

Senior Photography

November 11, 2020

When Ben stepped onto the Cherokee Bluff baseball field for his senior portrait session his eyes lit up and his body visibly relaxed.  It was obvious that baseball is his sport and he puts his whole heart into it.

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”  Jerry Rice

This Jerry Rice quote is what Ben relies on to push himself to do more and work harder.  He has learned that when “doing what others won’t,” there is a payoff down the road.  Ben saw that payoff when he hit the go ahead run allowing his team to win the game.  Now, he hopes the work he, along with his teammates, do today will take them to the state playoffs in the spring, thus doing “what others can’t.”

Self described as motivated, busy and athletic,

Ben also enjoys hanging out with friends at the skatepark.  His favorite shoes are Vans which fit right into the skating vibe.  Ben also loves the classic rock of Led Zeppelin.  Between school, baseball, and the skatepark, he stays busy.

College definitely plays into his motivation.  He looks forward to attending UNG in the fall.  Ben wants to pursue a degree in computer science.

Dear Ben,

I had so much fun doing your senior portrait session.  It was great to see how much you have grown up since you were in my 7th grade ELA class.  It was also nice to see that your personality and zest for life has not changed. I am proud of you and the accomplishments you have made.  

I usually like to leave my seniors with an inspirational quote, but I believe your favorite quote says it best.  If you continue to do what others will not, you will continue to reap the rewards in the future. Keep it up. Hang onto your motivation. It will take you far!

sunset baseball
proud to be a Bear
serious side
by the creek
CBHS Baseball
hanging out
its fall y’all
eye on the future
hey batter, batter
big smile
looking up
look at those colors
its a toss up
what’s funny
as American as apple pie
autumn’s in the air
keep your head in the game
old ruins
caught you laughing
let’s play ball
laugh a lot

Images by Cheri Michelle Photography

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