Taylor & Tannery Row / Industrial Senior Shoot

Senior Photography

November 5, 2020

Taylor is “One of Them Girls” Lee Brice sings about that might “roll your eyes” if called an angel, but is truly beautiful inside and out.  This was apparent in the industrial vibe choice for her senior portrait session.  Tannery Row served as a great backdrop contrasting rough edges and grunge with Taylor creating stunning senior portraits. 

She is a

country music loving, softball playing, self described quiet, funny, and outgoing person.  The words quiet and outgoing strike me as complete opposites but reveal a lot about Taylor.  In her quiet way she took on the challenges I asked of her in front of my camera.  That included scaling a wall well over 5 feet high to pose in front of blue paint peeling doors.  However, most remarkable was her willingness to pose not far from a bumble bee to get some softer images with purple flowers.  This created one of my favorite pics, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. The truth is, she was terrified of the bee and was eyeing it warily, ready to jump away if he made a move toward her.

senior girl with purple flowers
Bumble Bee

Senior year holds

many plans Taylor would like to accomplish.  She hopes to get into UGA, and is working toward that goal.  In addition, she wants to continue spending time with friends hanging out at the movie theater.  For spring break, Taylor would like to vacation with her friends and maybe even head out on a road trip.  Finally, she would like to get a tattoo when she turns 18. 

Dear Taylor,

Thank you for allowing me to do your senior portrait session.  I loved creating images for you with the industrial vibe.  I know you told me you don’t take good pictures, but I can honestly say your’s are some of my favorite images.  Believe it or not, you are extremely photogenic!  

I would like to dedicate one of my favorite songs to you, “I Am Enough,” by Daphne Willis.  You are enough for everything your present and future holds.  You are amazing the way you are.  Your humbleness and fun spirit are enough.  Your quiet, yet outgoing personality is enough.  Don’t ever believe anything less about yourself.  YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!

Always remember, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Elenor Roosevelt

Images by Cheri Michelle Photography

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