Lake Lanier Andrew- Senior 2021 & water life

Senior Photography

August 20, 2020

What could go wrong with three senior boys posing for some fun pics in a boat on the water?  Besides a lot of laughing, nothing when it came to Andrew’s senior shoot!

Andrew loves the water and all things saltwater fishing.  In fact, one of his favorite memories is the time he took his “boyz” to the Keys to fish.  It was a first for his friends to catch dolphin, aka mahi mahi, and he was glad to be able to take them.  Even at home he continues to fish with his friends on the Flowery Branch HS fishing team.  If that’s not enough, he is already planning a trip with his friends to go back to the Keys for some more big fish hunting and lobstering after graduation next summer!  

It’s not surprising that with his love for water and hanging out with his “boyz,” Andrew chose the Lake Lanier for his 2021 Senior Photo shoot.  And, he included two of his friends in the session.  Having Maddux and Trevor there helped get genuine laughs and smiles out of Andrew which made the shoot even better.  They joked around, and I kept my camera clicking trying to capture all of their fun.

Andrew isn’t only all about fishing, though.  He is also interested in politics and leads the Young Politicians’ Club at his high school.  Having attended the Student Action Summit in the past, he hopes to be able to do so  again this year.  I love that he cares about politics and is involved in improving our country.  In addition, he has a clear plan for his future.  After Andrew graduates, he wants to go to college to prepare for a career as a Financial Planner.  Not only is he civic minded, but he also wants to help others be financially successful in their own lives.

On a lighter note, everybody needs to make a bucket list from time to time, so they don’t miss out on doing something special.  The beginning of senior year is a great time to make a bucket list because it is your last year in school with friends you have grown up with.  You need a list of things you want to accomplish your senior year, because it will be over before you know it.  When I asked Andrew what his bucket list items are for his senior year he mentioned skateboarding, going to football games with his “boyz,” and fishing on the FBHS team.  

Andrew, it is obvious to me after spending time with you and getting to know about you, friends are important to you.  Sharing your life and the things you love with them drives you.  Not only that, but you also care about this country and the financial welfare of others.  In short, you focus on the happiness and wellbeing of others.  Those are amazing traits.  Your enthusiasm for life and and the lives of others offers a lot of hope for our future.  Thank you for opening up to me and allowing me to see what an amazing individual you are!

“We rise by lifting others.”  This quote by Robert Ingersoll reminds me that while Andrew is lifting others by sharing his love for fishing, politics, and even financial planning, he is rising as an incredible person.  Andrew keep doing YOU, because YOU are going to rise as YOU lift up others!!!

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