Proposal at Sea


January 10, 2020

Instead of a destination wedding, try a destination engagement on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas.  The story begins six months earlier, when Reece asked his parents and the parents of his girlfriend, Savannah, to join them on a cruise in December.  He planned to propose to Savannah, and he wanted the parents involved.  

That is how I, Savannah’s mother, found myself on this very special cruise.  12/15/19 At the midnight balloon drop on the first night of the trip, Reece got down on one knee and proposed.  Savannah cried and cried.  Afterwards, she hugged me and said, “Mom, did you have any idea about this?”  She was shocked to find out we were all in on it and had known for such a long time.  That night will be something a never forget.  Reece gave us such a precious gift when he allowed us to be a part of his proposal.

Being a photographer, I couldn’t resist doing an engagement shoot while on the ship.  We chose to use Central Park located on Deck 8.  Yes, the ship was so large it had a Central Park filled with trees and flowering bushes.  So, somewhere in the Atlantic between St. Thomas and Cocoa Cay this destination Engagement session was born.

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