quick facts about me

For 16 years, I was a middle school English teacher.  Five years ago, my friend and I decided to attend a summer camp for teachers.  The focus was incorporating art into the classroom.  The fact that it was at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida was unimportant.  Ha!  We love the beach, so the location was definitely a deciding factor.

The class I wanted was full, so I was put in "Telling Stories through Photography." I complained the whole drive down from North Georgia that I know how to take pictures.  I had no interest in a photography class.

Everything changed on the first day.  I fell in love with the art of photography!  That day a Photographer was born!!!

Surprisingly, I did not start out as a photographer.  I actually stumbled into it by accident.


+I have my private pilots license and fly small single engine airplanes
+I am afraid of heights (I know it doesn't make sense with the flying, but it's true)
+I love to swim and snorkel (I think I was a fish in another life)
+My husband and I keep our sailboat in Charleston and have plans to sail it to the Bahamas
+My happy place is by the water, in the water, or on the water
+Books are an addiction, and Harry Potter is my favorite (I'm a fantasy girl)
+I believe chocolate should be a food group
+Coffee is a daily must
+I am the proud momma of three young adult children
+Our dogs are also our children (Charlie the Shih Tzu, and Doc the Golden Doodle)

quick facts about me

My photography style is bright and airy.  I love color, but it should not overpower my subjects. Therefore, I am drawn to pastel hues that are natural and soft. 

Light is the defining element of my style.  Beautiful soft natural light enhances images showing off my clients at their best, many times better than they ever thought they could be.  

and my favorites

my style

I love being in nature.  I love the ocean and the mountains, walking by streams and stopping for sunsets.  However, I also love the juxtaposition of a beautiful client in and industrial setting. These settings make stunning backdrops and help to create images that could be found in a magazine.

environmental and editorial

my design style

I choose my happy hour drinks by the season.  In the winter, I enjoy hot cocoa with peppermint Schnapps.  Spring and fall, I go for an Amoretto Sour, and summers are for Pina Coladas.  

I can be caught drinking sparkling water and coffee all year 'round.  Not together, though!

happy hour drink

my go to

Actually, I never thought I would be a photographer because I was happy being a teacher.  One summer a friend and I participated in a summer institute that was about "incorporating art into the classroom."  I was put into the class, "Telling Stories Through Photography."  I fell in love with the artistic side of photography that summer!  Now, I LOVE telling my client's stories through beautiful pictures!


why i became a

I'm a bit adventurous.  Not jump out of a plane or bungee cording adventurous. More like plane flying and sailing adventurous!
I have a pilot's certificate and like to fly small single engine airplanes.  I even live on an airport!  
I also love sailing.  My husband and I have a beautiful sailboat we want to sail to the Bahamas and island hop.
One more thing- I have a book addiction!  Remember, I was an English teacher.

things to do

my favorite Hobbies

I love the everything water!  I love being at the beach, in the ocean playing in the waves or snorkeling!  I'm not a sunbather at heart.  However, I am a fish!  I can stay in the water all day long!

place to visit

my favorite

I remember my photography instructor at UNG said he was a people photographer.  We would take amazing images of nature, and he would say, "But wouldn't it be even better if a couple were right there in the image."  At the time I was just happy with my nature picture and didn't understand his desire to add people.

I laugh now, because as I have grown as a photographer, I've discovered that I am also a people centered photographer.  I too look at beautiful and interesting places and think, "Wow!  I would love to do a portrait shoot here!"

Maybe one of those places I have found is just waiting for you to be my people for that location!

I truly believe that, and I want to make my clients feel they are both when in front of my camera.

Everyone is special and Beautiful

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!